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Our Stewardship Thank You Pasta Dinner was held on September 22nd.  An enjoyable meal was served.  Extra food left over was able to be given to and used by a local agency to aid those in need.

20 lessons I have learned as a Pastor the past few years:


1. Bigger is not always better.
2. The Church across town is not the enemy.
3. God blesses generosity.
4. Just being there goes a long, long, way.
5. Sometimes God works as much if not more on a "normal" day as He does on a "big" day.
6. When you get discouraged show up next Sunday.
7. You will never regret taking the high road.
8. When you feel like you laid an egg you probably didn't, and when you feel like you hit a home run, you probably didn't.
9. Not everyone has to like you.
10. Rest is important, don't feel guilty about it.
11. God will build His church.
12. Time in the secret place is of utmost importance.
13. Not every battle needs to be fought, not every hill is worth dying on.
14. Never burn a bridge. Leave the door open.
15. Be yourself. Be who God has called you to be.
16. God blesses faithfulness to the Word!
17. You do not know as much as you think you do...
18. Relationships and friendships matter, but you will not and cannot please everyone.
19. Family time is the best time!
20. God will provide. Simply trust him.


shared from a pastor friend of mine ...