The Surprise Gift


I cannot cook a gourmet meal
That heralds oohs and aahs.
I cannot sing an aria
That merits your applause.

My green thumb always fades away
And flowers never flourish
They bow their little heads in shame
No matter how I nourish.

Athletically I am a flop
No matter how I try
I tend to stumble through the class
While others look and sigh.

Now God took pity on my plight
And saved me just in time
Just one last talent he had left,
It was the gift of rhyme.

I gladly opened up the gift
And much to my surprise
The talent that was left for me
Was really quite a prize.

Now finally I found my niche
And I am born anew,
For God has given me the gift
That I now share with you.

The food I offer you today
Is from my soul you see.
I hope you‘ll taste it and enjoy
This entrée made by me.

Dolores Fruth
As gifted people may we continue to use our gifts in the service of our Lord.




When Does Wisdom come?


At sweet sixteen I was so smart
My parents were so dumb.
I felt that with my attitude
I’d outwit anyone.


My parents I discovered soon
Were wiser than I thought
My attitude had let me down
And I was overwrought.


Now I am in my golden years
And this I will discern
That I was just a cocky kid.
I still have much to learn.

By Dolores Fruth




Our Winter Garden

The wind blows and I hear the sound of the bells,
But no one is here to listen.
The garden is covered with layers of snow
And the branches of trees really glisten.

The benches are empty. They stand in a row
Like sentinels ready to cheer.
The gazebo, so stalwart is covered in white
Just waiting for us to appear.

The cupola wears a white cotton cap.
The snow falls like stars everywhere.
Again I hear bells from the tower above
Announcing that God is still there.

We know that our Father will never forsake
Or permit us to walk all alone.
He takes our hand in the garden of life
And asks us to be His own.
          - Dolores Fruth





(so many of my friends are in this situation. this is in tribute)

By Dolores Fruth


The one I love is gone, you know,
Yet still is close to me.
The sparkle in my loved ones eyes
Has faded drastically.


We still hold hands together
As we walk down memory lane.
I talk about the things we shared
But it is not the same.


The love I feel will never change.
I hold on anxiously.
I treasure now the moments when
My loved one knows it’s me.


As days go by I see the change
That I cannot prevent.
Yet I remember days gone by
When we loved and were content.


I thank you, Lord, for giving us
The time we shared together.
Oh, I will not desert my Love
As we walk as one forever.




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