The seventh of December
In 1941.

The bombs o'er head exploded
Our ships became eroded
By the "rising sun"

Arizona and the others
Threw thousands of our brothers
Upon the ocean floor.

It awoke a sleeping giant.
We all became defiant
As we moved into war.

For many years we sought them.
We suffered and we fought them.
We filled them full of fear.

God grant as peace is with us,
And we will know what bliss is,
That war will disappear.

The giant wants to rest now,
For he has done his best now
To make us all secure.

But sleep is not the answer here.
If we protect what we hold dear,
Our nation will endure.
--Dolores Hellmann
Dolores Fruth




The Gift of Peace and Joy to You

By Dolores Fruth


Abundant lights on winter night

Bring us peace and joy!


The bells now ring and angels sing

To welcome Maryís Boy


So gather round and join the sound

Announcing heavenís ploy


For God has come to everyone

Give Joy,

†††††††††††††††††† Joy,

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Joy!


Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year




The Least of These


I was hungry and asked for bread.

You offered a prayer for me instead.


I was in prison for stealing that day.

You said it was right that they put me away.


I was naked and I heard you preach

To all in the church of my moral breech.


I was sick and to show that you care,

 You left me to go to a local health fair.


I was homeless. You saw my sad state.

You said I was lazy if this was my fate.


I was lonely and I felt your scorn.

I am told I am different and quite forlorn.


Your prayers for me have all been told.

As you leave the church, Iím still hungry and cold.

                                  -Dolores Fruth




MY moving is complete. I am now living in my new suite in the Blue Ridge neighborhood at Passavant Community



A different place,a different style,
A chance for a special start.
.This new adventure in my life
Brings comfort to my heart.

This suite will now become my home
I have a new address.
The many benefits I'll have
Fill me with happiness.


I feel so blessed for all the help
That my daughter gave to me.
The door is always open,
So come to visit me.
††††††††††††††††††††††††††† -Dolores Fruth




My Prayer

 †††††††††††††††††††††††††† Dolores Fruth


The mundane wishes in my prayer

Are trivial and canít compare

To disaster victims and those in pain-

So many suffer, I canít complain.


God help me now to see the need,

To forever follow His awesome creed

To give my love and help this day.

To the lost and troubled, I humbly pray.  






Moving Dilemma


Aw my moving day is just ahead.

You must admit it is a dread-

Especially to a smaller place.

 Downsizing is a pure disgrace..


How did I collect all this useless stuff?

Dividing it up is oh so rough.

Friends just shake their heads and growl,

Itís so old fashioned and out of style.


All these boxes that we must pack

The books, the dishes, the pain in my back.

What do we keep and what goes away?..

Itís hard to part with a memory today.


The day is coming when all will be done

Unpacking, arranging, the battle is won.

But I am certain that as I speak

I will fall on my bed and sleep for a week !

                           -Dolores Fruth





The moving van is loaded now.
It moves on down the drive.
I turn around to close the door
Then take a look inside.

There are no books upon the shelf
Or pictures on the wall.
The rooms are full of emptiness.
There is no sound at all.

I close the door and turn the key.
And now my eyes are wet.
This house was full of memories
That I cannot forget.

Yet now I know that as I close
This door that I will find
Another door to open up
To give me peace of mind.

I will unpack the boxes then
And find my memories.
A new life is ahead for me
That sets my heart at ease.

I turn the key in this new door
And feel the warmth inside
For as we close one door in life
Another opens wide.

                  -Dolores Fruth




 Your Hand in Mine


You have come a long way on the path of life.

Through good times and bad,

you have weathered the strife.


I remember the grip in your small little hand

As you held onto me, just as God planned.


But then as you grew, your hand pulled away

And you walked by yourself into lifeís fray.


The years have gone by. I again take your hand

As you gently guide me, just as God planned.


Now you are the strong one with convictions so true

I thank God each day

For giving me YOU !

       †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††  by Dolores Fruth 




The Great Commandment


Love your neighbor as yourself

Is sometimes hard to do

Your neighbor tries to indoctrinate

An opposing point of view.


Your neighbor might be a different race

With habits that you abhor

So if you see him coming

You quickly close your door.


Our Lord is telling all of us

That we must look inside

And clasp the hands of one another

And set aside our pride.


Love your neighbor as yourself

And  your God with heart and soul.

 This is the great commandment

Our love will make us whole.

                    -Dolores Fruth



Personal Prisons


We all have prisons that we make

That keep us from our brothers.

Sometimes itís pride that hides inside

As we look down on others.


Perhaps we see success is there

For someone in our town.

We whisper tales for them to fail

And try to put them down.


Possessions also hold us fast.

To grab becomes our rule.

We cannot see anotherís need

Because our space is full.


We stand apart and all alone

While others laugh and play.

We are afraid if friends are made

That they will leave someday.


So many prisons hold us fast,

So let us find the key.

Get rid of self and find the wealth

Of really being free.


Away with pride and envy, too,

Then learn to love and share.

Reach out your hand to understand

That life is waiting there.

                          -Dolores Fruth.



Wheat or Weeds

          (Matthew 13:24-43)


We all are saints and sinners.

We are wheat as well as weeds.

One minute we do the right thing

Then the wrong deed intercedes.


It isnít always easy

To tell the right from wrong.

The flower in my garden

May become a thorn eíer long.


The raggedy world is planting

The weeds whereíre we go.

These seeds of pride are choking

The wheat that we should sow.


We thank God for His harvest

As He sees the wheat in me

When all I show the world is weeds,

His Grace will set me free.

                          - Dolores Fruth


I have returned to honor God

Until he calls my name.





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