Joy of Aging
By Dolores Fruth


The evening of my life has come.
I feel an awesome glow.
My goal is now the mountain top
To view the scene below.

I see the branches of a tree.
They symbolize my life.
Branches of joy amidst the pain
Help me to forget the strife.

I’m just a little out of breath
As I reach the mountain crest.
My life is full of joy and love
And I am truly blessed..

The hues of a sunset fade from view
It is not time for sorrow.
The dawn will come, I will rejoice,
As I greet a new tomorrow.

The mountaintop of life is rich
With memories galore.
I now walk hand in hand with God.
How could I ask for more?




God's Pumpkin Patch
By Dolores Fruth


God found me in a pumpkin patch
Still clinging to the vine.
I had the seeds of doubt inside
So full of dirt and grime

I might have stayed upon that vine,
But God reached out that night
He washed my soul and made me clean.
Now I am new and bright

He lifted me and washed away
The hate and greed and pride.
He carved for me a smiling face,
And put His light inside.

If you are rotting on the vine
Reach out for God today
He'll make you clean and you will shine
In His own special way.




Power of Prayer
By Dolores Fruth

There was a flood in Houston
With so much devastation.
I bowed my head to say a prayer
To bring them consolation’

As I was praying diligently
I heard the ringing of my phone.
My son was a victim of the flood
So many miles from home.

My pleas were for the many
Who faced the danger there
My son was saved from the raging tide
As I had voiced my prayer.

I thank God for His mercy
For the many spared that day
The power of God is in our hands
When we fold them as we pray.



Harvest On The Farm

It is the autumn season.
The sky is bright and blue.
The apples, wearing cheeks of red,
Intensify the hue.

The corn stalks in the meadow,
Have turned to gold from green.
The rustling stalks now sing a song,
A melody supreme.

The grasses on the hillside
Stand proud and tall and strong.
Their golden grain sways in the breeze,
As if to join the song.

The harvest is ongoing
With tractors in the field
Oh we must work with haste today
So God can give the yield.

For now the geese fly overhead
To find a warmer clime.
We see the leaves of red and gold
And grapes upon the vine.

The winter snows are coming soon.
Our harvest has been won.
We thank God for His bounty now
And for a task well done.
--Dolores Fruth



The Big Knob Fair
By Dolores Fruth

We put aside our mundane chores.
Excitement is in the air!
Oh now we must get ready
For the local county fair.

The muddy tractor gets a bath
It shines like it is new.
Likewise the cows and also hogs
Must look their best for view.

The women all are busy
Making jam and favorite pies.
The secret recipes abound
As they dream about the prize.

The camaraderie is there.
We laugh and sing and play
We see the horses prancing now
And listen to them neigh.

The greased pig race is fun for all.
The mud flies everywhere.
We hear the squeals of pigs and kids
Proud cheers invade the air.

Quilts and flowers, veggies too
Go quickly on display
Chickens and goats are being judged.
It is an awesome day.

The excitement of the tractor pull
Prompt all to gather there
And then we hurry to the hall
For a feast beyond compare.

The games, the rides ¸the gathering
Of all things that are good.
This festival of family fun
Unites the neighborhood.

So set aside your plans today
You’ll know just what to do,
Come to the fair, just down the road.
I’ll be waiting there for you.




The Bikers Gift to Passavant

                 -Dolores Fruth


Before we see them coming

We hear the bikers roar.
The cycles all come into view
Then stop outside our door.

They’ve come to offer us a ride.
Excitement fills the air.
We cluster round the gleaming bikes
And wonder if we dare.

Some trade their wheelchairs for a seat
Behind a friend who cares.
They don their helmets and hold tight
And maybe voice their prayers.

The iron horse that each will ride
Stand gleaming in the sun.
Then soon it trembles and it snorts.
The adventures have begun.

The fears are slowly put to rest.
The breeze will kiss each face.
All are delighted with the ride
At such a gentle pace.

We thank our bikers for their time,
And their passion for us all.
An afternoon of fun and joy,
We really had a ball.



The Presence of Grace

                       By Dolores Fruth


Gods grace is in the here and now,
Not just when we depart.
It’s with us on our walk through life.
It sustains our beating heart.


We stroll as fools on sunny days,
When paths are smooth and wide.
We are complacent and forget
That God is still our guide.


Our journey can be perilous.
We walk through wind and rain.
Gods grace will then surround us
And guide us through the pain.


Gods grace is not for us alone,
We are called to share with others
To show compassion on the road
And treat them as our brothers.


So lift your eyes and journey well,
Ever reaching for His hand.
The grace will come abundantly
Just as God had planned.



Rain Again!

           -Dolores Fruth


What is that on my windowpane?
The prediction was for "sunny"
Yet I see sheets of blinding rain.
It surely isn”t funny.


If I lived in Seattle
Or the tropics far from home
Then I’d have a boat and paddle
To help me as I roam.


But this is Pennsylvania
An awesome, pleasant state
My elevated mania
Helped me to anticipate.


A sunny day out on the beach
Or a picnic in the park,
Or I could have a bit of each
Before the sky turned dark.


So now I take a second look
At the downpour and the gloom.
I sigh and reach for a current book
In my cozy little room.



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