To Vote Or Not To Vote


You tell me it is time to vote
But I have things to do.
One vote is not important,
I will leave it up to you.


You say it is my civil right
But I will pass this time
Itís just one vote, how can it help?
My absence is no crime.


So I now meet my friends for lunch.
They chat about the election.
They mention different candidates
And ponder each selection.


Then suddenly I realize
And hurry out of the door.
My voice is so important
So I will vote once more.


We are so blessed in this great land.
We vote to show our might.
Go to the polls on Election Day
It is an awesome right.
†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† -Dolores Fruth




The End of Summer
By Dolores Fruth©


The staccato of the locusts
Is heard now in the trees.
September sings a special song
Upon the summer breeze.


The squirrels are scurrying to and fro,
Oak branches are aflutter.
The acorns fill their bulging cheeks
So tight they start to sputter.


We see the ads before us now
For backpacks, school clothes, too.
Then mothers scurry like the squirrels
And sputter till itís through.


It is the end of summer.
The nights are long and cool
The squirrels and mothers breathe a sigh--
The kids are back in school.




A Childís Gift

††††††††††††††††††† -Dolores Fruth

My heart was filled with hopelessness
My skies were no longer blue.
Then a precious child ran up to me
And whispered, ďI love youĒ

Her little arms clutched oh so tight
.A smile was on her face.
Her eyes sought mine so lovingly
It was a sweet embrace.

I heard her mother call out her name
She said they must depart.
She left behind a lovely hug
That healed my lonesome heart.



The Ghost Writer

†††††††††††††††††††††† _ Dolores Fruth


God is the author of my verse.
He wakes me in the night
He dictates rhymes into my head
As I sit down to write.

I am his servant, donít you see.
I donít deserve the fame
He gave to me this talent
And now I praise His name.

I pass the verses on to you
As I gratefully confess
That as a humble ghost writer
I know I chose the best.



When Is My Birthday?

††††††††††††††† -Dolores Fruth


Did you have me in mind, my God,
When you created earth?
Amidst the heavens and the stars
Did You inspire my birth?

When is my birthday, Lord?
I try to comprehend.
Did it begin with Adamís plea
To send a special friend?

Or was it at conception
When two souls formed as one?
Creating with your help. Oh Lord,
That my birthday had begun.

Now finally I am growing
From a tiny seed within.
Nurtured and loved and cared for,
Preparing for life to begin.

With pain and struggle I enter
This world and the beauty I see
Can this be the wondrous birthday,
That you have bestowed upon me?

Yet now I am at Baptism
Where with water I enter the fold.
Or is it at Confirmation
Renewing the truths Iíve been told?

Life is passing and I am preparing
To enter a wondrous place,
A birthday event into heaven
As I see you face to face.

My birthday encompasses centuries
Of your love on this earth to share.
I thank you God for giving to me
A birthday beyond compare



Picnic Dilemma

††††††††††††††††††††† by Dolores Fruth


We have all gone to a PICNIC.
It keeps me in suspense,
Where did this outing get its name?
It doesnít make much sense.

According to the dictionary
The pique is a French derision
A tiny little piece of food
Is part of the definition.

The nicue was added just to rhyme
To make it debonair.
And so we take our bits of food
Outside ,where we can share.

Each one brings something to the feast
As we gather there together.
It is such fun to greet each one
No matter what the weather.

Yum, Yum we look for hotdogs.
Corn and beans are there.

Potato salad and watermelon
Will now round out the fare.

But most of all the fellowship
Of friends and family.
Define the meaning of the word.
And what PICNIC means to me.



My Passavant Mansion
By Dolores Fruth


I live in a beautiful mansion,
With a quaint little town in my view.
Iím surrounded by gardens and fountains
And a soothing waterfall too.

Come inside to my awesome foyer
And enjoy all the wonders there.
There are spaces for games and fitness
And a library beyond compare.

A chapel with stained glass windows
Is within the walls of my home.
A staff is here to attend me.
Just why would I ever roam?

My meals are cooked by others
And served so graciously.
I have a nurse at my command
Who takes good care of me.

My huge entertainment center
Is another delightful space.
For banquets, movies or some fun
This room is just the place.

Come visit me in my mansion.
And see all the wonders there.
This is truly retirement living.
At a place Iím willing to share.



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