Our Educational Ministry:† The Christian Education committee is dedicated to providing Christian Education for all ages, including two adult forums. Our Mission Statement: The Christian Education committee, under the direction of the Christian Education/Youth Ministry Director of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity, is a team of congregational members that seek to lay a solid foundation for life-long Christian Education in order to fulfill our Baptismal Promises to one another, and the Great Commission of the church at large.



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New Adult Sunday School Summer Session

Join usÖas we learn the stories of Genesis this summer!


Starting July 11th - August 29th

@ 9:30AM in the Miller Parlor


Each class will be a different story of Genesis,

so come whenever you are available.


We will be using the Books of Faith Series: Genesis

and new study materials will be provided each week.


The book of Genesis traces our origins from cosmic beginnings through stories preserved from pre-history.† Each story provides us with a glimpse of God's intentions, how God acts, and who we are in relationship to God and the rest of creation.† In this study, we will explore early stories of faith and God's promise in the book of Genesis through each sessionís big question.
This 8-session course explores the following passages from Genesis.

†††††††††††† 1. Origins: Where do we come from?
2. Mystery and Boundary: Can we live with God's terms?
3. Troubled in Paradise: How does God deal with evil?
 ††††††††††† 4. Hanging on a Promise: How long, O Lord?
 ††††††††††† 5. How could God ask such a thing?
 ††††††††††† 6. Does God love just anyone?
 ††††††††††† 7. The Future: Yours, Mine, or Ours?
8. Are We Promise Bearers?

Please let Jerry or Julie Kuhn know that you hope to attend or

if you have questions, call 724-861-9640!


Letís study Genesis together!