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Sarah M Lee-Faulkner


“To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.” 1 Corinthians 12:7


If I counted right, there are 17 goslings in this picture. 17! And one parent. I sometimes have problems keeping up with my only child- I couldn’t imagine 17! Except Canadian Geese don’t have 17 babies at a time (although it seems like they multiply that much in some parts of Pittsburgh!) Canadian Geese lay 4-9 eggs with the average being 5. Doing the math, these are not all the offspring of the one parent. This one goose is caring for the multitude while other geese eat, sleep, swim, or drink. So often when you see geese, there are MANY of them- a gaggle! They work together protecting one another, caring for others, chasing humans away from the goslings with a hiss. They all work together for the gaggles’ common good.

I have been blessed with a gaggle of people. There are so many that have prayed for Rachel and our family. People who have brought food when she was in the hospital, sent cards and gifts, helped out financially, driven to Philadelphia, and talk on the phone so I didn’t fall asleep driving. Holy Trinity has been wonderful with its prayers and care for both of us. A friend from college brought a bag of hospital survival goods toe CHOP. We feel blessed and are so thankful. Just as the gaggle of geese support one another, I cannot begin to tell you how supported I have been. Thank you for living out our calling from Corinthians.