Tribute to Rich {1953-2020)


He touched my heart in many ways

He was so sweet and mild

We called him “Dickie” in those days,.

My sister’s gentle child.

Then as he grew in many ways

We marveled at his skill..

He embraced the better things in life,

Always steadfast in his will.

In manhood he was known as “Rich”

So very appropriately.

He worked and played so hard in life.

As he raised a family.

! thank God for the privilege

Of knowing “Rich” this way

He was my awesome nephew

Who now has gone away.


                                              With love, Aunt Dolores Fruth




Outliving My Peers

                        Dolores Fruth (2020)


No one remembers the day I was born.

No memories to share, I should feel forlorn.

No tales to repeat about things that we did

In our formative days when I was a kid.

I alone tell the stories of an earlier day.

No one to dispute the things that I say.

I now miss the kids that played on the street

Roller skating and kick ball were always a treat.

Days full of laughter and fun with each friend

Till the street lights came on to signal the end.

And now I look back to the century that’s past

I didn’t know then that I would be last.

I cherish the memories as I dream in my chair.

And wish they were here, our childhood to share.

My friends now are younger yet I can relate

As we chatter together, my life is still great.

I am no longer lonely and life is as sweet

As the days when I played on that long ago street.

God grant me the wisdom to relish my fable

And enjoy the future as long as I’m able



Elijah on the Mountain…(1 Kings19: 11-13)

Dolores Fruth


He sent me to the mountain

And said he’d meet me there

The children have deserted God

Now I am in despair.

A wind tore through the mountain

It shattered rocks apart

The Lord was never in the wind

Nor did he touch my heart.

An earthquake hit the mountain

I hung on desperately

Where is the voice of God, I moaned,

Has he deserted me?

A fire then scorched the mountain

The flames were fierce and hot.

The Lord was not within the fire

Yet still his voice I sought.

Oh then within the silence

As I sat so quietly

I heard the whisper of the Lord,

As he brought hope to me.

Just as Elijah heard his voice

In a whisper on the hill

Let us in silence watch and wait

To understand his will.





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