Mirror Image


I glance at my reflection

To find my Mother’s face.

I do not know just how or when

This miracle took place.

I see them folded in my lap,

They are my Mother’s hands.

When did they change? I can’t recall,

It surely wasn’t planned.

I walk as in my Mother’s shoes.

I emulate her gait,

And as I reach the golden years,

I also match her weight.

These traits are mere coincidence

Unless I now can find

That I shall also kindred be

To Mother’s heart and mind.

Mu face and form are not what counts

But how I feel inside.

If I can be transformed this way

My Mother has not died.

                               - Dolores Fruth




Doubting Thomas


The followers of Christ were terrified

When on the cross their Savior died.

They trembled now with doubt and shame

Denying they even knew His name.

Then suddenly their Lord appears

To wipe away the doubts and fears.

“I bring you peace” they heard Him say”

And they rejoiced that Easter Day.

They went to Thomas and quickly said,

“Our Lord is risen and is not dead.

He came to us in the upper room,

And we have seen the empty tomb.”

Thomas then scoffed amidst his grief,

Citing idle tales or false belief.

“I can’t believe unless I see

My wounded Lord in front of me”

Christ came to Thomas and He said,

“See now my wounds. I am not dead.”

Thomas believed and knelt on the floor

“My Lord and my God,


Today we believe, because of the doubt

Of Thomas and others, as now we shout.

“CHRIST IS RISEN, “, He’s with you and me

He died for our sins and now we are free.

                                - Dolores Fruth











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