Memorial Day

†††††††††††††††††† -Dolores Fruth


All the flags are flying

Up and down the street,

And as we line up near the curb,

We hear the drummers beat.

ďStars and Stripes ForeverĒ,

The band plays on and on.

The marchers feel the heartbeat

Of our nations psalm.

A smaller flag is now unfurled

Upon a hero's grave.

The sunlight fades beneath a cloud.

The colors seem to fade.

No matter if the flag is old

Or new and crisp today,

It will remind us of the ones

Who gave their lives away.

The red is for the blood they shed,

The white for noble deeds.

The blue says we will e'er be true

To our country's needs.

So fly the flag today, my friend.

Its stars and stripes will stand

For God and for America,

Our strong and noble land.

Treasure at Passavant

Look around and you will see

Our treasure and its powers.

It strengthens us in many ways

We claim it now as ours.

It is the many servicemen

Who call our campus home.

They do not talk about their deeds

Or where they had to roam.

No bragging Ďbout the hardship

Or the terrors they lived through.

They fought for God and freedom

Just for me and you.

In World War 2 the Naziís

Thought they had the upper hand

But Hitler was defeated

When Yankees took their stand.

The Japanese at Pearl Harbor

Surprised us in December.

Our boys stood tall and conquered all.

A day we will remember.

They fought to help Korea.

They went to Vietnam.

Some people taunted our good men

Who never did us wrong

Now other wars have come and gone

And still our sons we send.

We will protect our golden land

With blood, is there no end?

This treasure lives among us

And we must not forget

The freedom that they gave to us

With never a regret.




To the left is my lovely friend who celebrated her 105 birthday on May 20th. She is very alert and enjoys her friends here at Blue Ridge She is the oldest resident at Passavant Community.


We have a friend at Blue Ridge

Who we all think is great

Her birthday at one hundred five

Is cause to celebrate.

So now to Emma Nesbitt

On the 20th of May

We are so glad to call her our friend

And wish her joy today.

†††††††††††††††††††††††† -Dolores Fruth2020





†††††††††††††† Dolores Fruth


There are all kinds of MOMS in the world today.

Which one is yours? It's hard to say.

Combine them all and you will see

A composite MOM for you and me.


The DOCTOR MOM will feel your head:

Asks "Does it it hurt, is your throat red?"

She cautions you, "Don't read in this light,

Your eyes will dim, take care of your sight!"


The SERGEANT MOM says, "Act your age,

This is my house, you are the page.

Straighten up now and follow my way,

As long as you live here, you'll do as I say!"


There are SUPER MOMS who run all day

From home to job. They rarely play.

"I'll do it myself." is their urgent cry.

As we all sit back as they rush on by.


The COMEDIAN MOM has lines of her own;

"You'd forget your head if it wasn't screwed on,"

"What if your face stayed just like that?"

It's an "awkward stage" or "baby fat."


The PROPHETIC MOM says, "Why listen to me.

I'm just your mother, but wait and see,

When you have your own kids someday.

You'll thank me for what I had to say."


The DEAR MOM tells us, "Say thanks and please."

"Write to Grandma.", "Eat your peas."

"Don't whisper because it's impolite."

And "Kiss all around when you say goodnight."


The PHILOSOPHER MOM will help us through.

"You can't eat your cake and have it too."

"You made your bed, now lie in it."

"Wait till Dad gets home, most any minute!"


All of these MOMS are familiar, we know.

We feel their concern as we stumble and grow.

We notice that love is what they expressed.

Beneath all the words, they want what is best.



Reflections on Mothers Day

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Dolores Fruth


I glance at my reflection

To find my Motherís face.

I do not know just how or when

This miracle took place.

I see them folded in my lap,

They are my Motherís hands.

When did they change? I canít recall,

It surely wasnít planned.

I walk as in my Motherís shoes.

I emulate her gait,

And as I reach the golden years,

I also match her weight.

These traits are mere coincidence

Unless I now can find

That I shall also kindred be

To Motherís heart and mind.

Mu face and form are not what counts

But how I feel inside.

If I can be transformed this way

My Mother has not died.


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