The Advent Wreath

††††††††††† -Dolores Fruth


We know that Christ is coming

As we prepare this day.

Each week we light a candle

To lead Him on His way.


The candles in a circle

Fill us with hope and joy.

Our lives will be eternal

Because of Maryís boy.


The evergreen reminds us

That faith is ever new.

Godís promise of a Savior

Is sent to me and you.


The ring of light is constant.

The candles flame burns high

For Christ is coming and we know

That we shall never die.




The Waiting Room

†††††††††††††† -Dolores Fruth


We sit in doubt in the waiting room

Wondering what is to be.

Will the doctor be the one we need?

Will he find the cure for me?


The Advent time is our waiting room

As we restlessly long for His voice

Wondering now if He is the one

With whom we can now rejoice.


So prepare your heart for His coming

And patiently watch as you pray

Knowing that God gives joy and peace

As promised on Christmas Day.




A Thanksgiving Blessing

By Dolores Fruth


At our Thanksgiving table

We now ask God to guide us.

Our thoughts return to former years

And those who sat beside us.


We are so grateful for the ones

Who now have gone before us,

And for the family that remains

Our prayers are ever for us.


God bless the family on this day

Who gather in this place,

As we recall the sacrifice

That gave the gift of Grace.





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