The Bear Truth

             By Dolores Fruth


The little bear is in despair
A quarantine keeps him inside,
Even his “paw” says stay where you are.
Or I will then tan your hide.

Now in defeat on the window seat
He sees a sweet surprise.
The children pass by and give him the eye
As they shout that he‘s number five.

No longer sad or even mad
He sits at his post all day.
He can “bearly” count as the numbers mount.
And the children all shout “hurray”!



Parade of Scrubs

                       - Dolores Fruth


A fashion show of wonder
Appears now in the hall.
So many lovely colors
Will now entice us all.

Varieties of bees and birds
And flowers everywhere
Are peppered on the pretty scrubs
That staff and nurses wear wear.

They give of their compassion
As they greet each patient now.
They spread their sunshine ‘round the hall
To help light up a smile.

Thank God for those who wear the scrubs
And for their dedication.
With patience and a fashion show
It merits adoration.



God’s Thread

                 -Dolores Fruth

A thread runs through the Bible in, oh, so many ways.
We read that Moses fasted for 40 nights and days.
It rained in Noah’s saga for 40 days as planned.
The Israelites wandered 40 years to reach the Promised Land.
Jesus was in the wilderness for 40 days to fast.
He wrestled with the devil for now the die was cast.

The thread is now within our grasp these 40 days of Lent.
We call upon our God to help, as we seek to repent
Our Lord then died upon the cross and rose to set us free
May His precious thread tie us to Him throughout eternity.

during this period of Lent we have also given up so many things, as we look forward to God's promise of Easter.




-Dolores Fruth


The world has been invaded.
There is silence in the streets.
The school rooms now are empty.
We distance those we meet.

The family dinner is back in style.
The children play at home.
It is a different kind of life
With no place we can roam.

We are doing this to rid the world
Of this invasive plight,
To think of others who are weak
And don’t have strength to fight.

It.s a time to pause and then reflect
Of our blessings close at hand.
Praise God for those who risk their lives
To protect our mighty Land




Saint Patrick’s Day

By Dolores Fruth

You don’t have to be an Irishman
To enjoy St. Patrick’s Day,
Just wear your green and you will seem
To fit in with the fray.

The little people, leprechauns,
Are seen most everywhere.
We can’t escape the tricks they make
With shamrocks in the air.

St Patty came to save them all
As snakes invade the scene
He led them forth to the sea of course
Begorra! the land is clean.

Join the parade and lift a pint
As March 17 comes around.
We are excited and delighted,
St Patrick saved the town!





                   -Dolores Fruth


We begin our Lenten journey with the ashes on our brow.
For 40 days we wander in the wilderness of trial.
The ashes are the phoenix that helps us as we rise
To search for our forgiveness as our Savior hears our cries.

The residue of burning is slowly left behind.
We seek a new beginning on this journey of the mind.
The ashes are for cleansing, an ingredient of soap,
That washes us along the way to our own Easter hope.

As dust to dust we will return, our journey will be done.
We wash the ashes from our brow..




The Harbinger
--Dolores Fruth

The robin returns in springtime
As the snow swirls o’er the town.
Its feathers are puffed like a pillow
That is stuffed to the limit with down.

Oh where is the warmth of the season
That he came to announce to us all?
His food in the ground is frozen
As we hear now his pitiful call.

He flutters his way to the holly
To find the berries of red.
Surviving he waits for the thawing
And his wiggle feast ahead.

We also wait for the sunshine
That this harbinger promised to bring.
When his song will become so joyous
Announcing that it is spring!




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