Party line vs. Face book


Once long ago a “party line”

Arrived and suited me just fine.

I used the phone to hear what’s new.

Then voiced another point of view.

In time the private line was born

I felt alone and so forlorn.

No group to listen or express

How I should deal with any stress.

Now we advance with no regret

To “face book” on the internet.

This is a fact as I can tell,

The “party line”. is up and well.

We haven’t gone so far in time

From advent of the “party line”.

Our human nature ever rolls

To be in touch with other souls.

So if by phone or e-mail means,

Communicate to share your dreams.

Reach out and touch someone somewhere

And learn how nice it is to share.

-Dolores Fruth




God is Calling

Do you hear God calling,



Calling to you and me?

Asking that you would give your love.

It is a plaintive plea.

Someone out there is lonely

And needs to hold your hand

And God is calling,


For you to understand.

The power of love within us

Was a gift that He put there

And He is calling,


That God has blessed us with this gift-

We feel the afterglow.

As you reach and touch another

Your life is full and new.

May God rejoice that when he called

His plea was heard by you.

-Dolores Fruth








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