The Baptism of Our Lord
-Dolores Fruth

This is my Son, the Father said
And I am pleased with Him.
He is baptized this very day,
He is my next of kin.

He now will have the Kingdom’s keys
That open heaven’s door,
And from now on He speaks for me.
He is a child no more.

He has my signature in hand,
The one that offers grace.
He deals with mercy and with love
As He serves in my place.

For now as mankind’s C.E.O.
He’s ready to forgive
The ones who’d take His life away
So you and I may live.

This day begins His ministry.
HE must no longer wait.
His mission is to guide our feet
On trails to Heaven’s gate.

With our baptism we will join
The family of the Lord,
As hand in hand we walk with Him,
The Chairman of the Board!




                           Dolores Fruth


It is the wise men and their story,
Finding promise in God's glory.

It is the star that lights their way,
And shines within our hearts today.

It is our journey once again
To introduce our Christ to men.

It is the gifts we gladly bring
In honor of the Child, our King.

May God's Epiphany shine through
As He gives grace to me and you.




                         By Dolores Fruth


I started out the New Year
With a fall out of my chair.
I found myself upon the floor,
Oh how did I get there?

The nurse and supervisor came.
I wanted to retreat.
But soon, with ease they lifted me
Even though I’m not petite.

I didn’t want to start the year
By falling to the floor.
But I am grateful for the help
That was outside my door.

The only thing that hurt today
Was my pride, you see.
With a little aching here and there
I’m good as I can be.

My new year started with a fall,
Yet I’m grateful as I can be
That loving arms were there to share
As they took good care of me.

Thanks to the nursing staff at Passavant Community


A Parsonage Christmas Story (a true happening)

                                                By Dolores Fruth


Twas the day after Christmas, and we suddenly knew
No services were scheduled, the pageants were through
No carolers or youth choirs or baskets to fill
Our day stretched ahead and we felt quite a thrill.

Our children awoke and we gathered together
It’ a family day, in spite of the weather.
Our Christmas tree was a beautiful sight
So we planned for a day neath it’s shimmering light.

The phone interrupted our plans for the day.
The director of youth had so much to say.
“We have decided to come visit you
We know you are lonely with nothing to do”.

We hurriedly dressed and tidied the room.
Our son was the one to grab for the broom’
He swung near the tree but went too far
Then down came the tree, including the star.

The lights and the ornaments crashed to the floor,
Just as our daughter answered the door
Our visitors were met with great surprise
As they saw the disaster in front of their eyes.

Everyone laughed and they all pitched in
To clean up the mess that they saw within.
A basket of needles soon sat to the side
As the naked tree was carried outside.

Hot chocolate and cookies made everything right
As we said Mery Christmas and bid them goodnight.



The First King Size Bed

                             - Dolores Fruth

We look into the stable
And much to our delight,
We find the infant Son of God
On this most holy night.

His King size bed is humble,
A place for Him to lay.
A borrowed manger in a stall
Filled with the new mown hay.

The animals surround Him.
Angels and shepherds arrive.
The star shines light upon His face
Our King is now alive.

God grant as we see in the stable
The manger where we were lead.
We find the awesome Glory
At peace in a King size bed.



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